Flexible Online Event Solution

This consists of a virtual presentation for each company (to keep them up to date for Reg FD), which is recorded live or in advance, which can involve audience QA if live.

Face-to-face 1x1, are replaced by scheduled meetings that take place via private conference calls, with dedicated Call IDs for each meeting.

This solution is ready to go now. It can substitute for partial cancellations, or completely stand in for the entire event. It allows you, the host to:

  • Provide a clear and reliable plan B to senior management.
  • Maintain your place in the annual events calendar without losing momentum, remaining well-positioned for next year.
  • Maintain the value added service of managed corporate access, relative to competitors who will go virtual, and hold your relative place in voting lists.

Affordable Virtual Conference

MeetMax Conference Software and Wall Street Webcasting (WSW) used in conjunction with web conferencing software is a reliable "Plan B" solution for all, or just some, of your event, shifting from in-person to online while maintaining the value.

  • MeetMax web-based event management software is used as always to capture and schedule meeting requests.
  • WSW provides virtual web-based presentations (live and/or pre-recorded) that are Reg FD compliant. Directly accessed via MeetMax presentation pages.
  • Pre-scheduled conference calls are used as “Rooms” in MeetMax to replace or complement onsite rooms. Meetings are communicated via their schedule in MeetMax as normal.

This combination of webcast content, virtual meeting rooms and MeetMax flexibility lets you provide the vital communications clients need even when they cannot travel.


Wall Street Webcasting will schedule your online virtual presentations, whether they are live or pre-recorded. Links will be included on schedules but these can be played live on-site if event is only partially virtual.


Run your events in MeetMax just as you had planned. We will work with you to incorporate virtual meeting and virtual presentation details into the schedules which are sent out.


Pre-scheduled web conference calls are used in lieu of, or in addition to, onsite rooms at the event. Both parties will indicate a preference for video or audio, and the meetings will continue on as planned.

How It Works

WSW provides the following

  • Creation of Live or Pre-recorded Webinars from participating companies that are remotely available via MeetMax.
  • WSW does all the administration and communication with companies and manages the entire process.
  • Default is Audio and Sync’d slides, but if desired, choose headshot video plus slides, or the highest product values, a city-based video studio can be provided on-demand.

MeetMax provides the following

  • All of the powerful pre-event data management you've come to expect and rely on: invitation and registration management, capturing requests, scheduling 1x1s, sharing company profiles and webinars.
  • Administration of “Room” assignment in MeetMax to use Call in IDs. Assign the meetings, and when ready - ask MeetMax to assign call-in numbers and IDs for each meeting.
  • MeetMax will audit the meetings to ensure complete alignment with scheduled call times. Choose between simple audio calls (number plus access code, no host) or full concierge video conference calls.

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